Making the law work for us

Adalah’s legal team offers the tools of the law to #protecttheprotest at every stage

Here’s How we’re doing it

  • 01

    We offer legal advice to protesters, and work with them at demonstrations to document abuse

  • 02

    We show up at police stations to represent detainees, and demand that the courts protect their right to due process

  • 03

    We run a legal education program equipping lawyers to represent protestors, and to date we have trained and mobilized dozens of lawyers

  • 04

    We coordinate the work of volunteer lawyers to ensure that every one of the hundreds of detainees has representation

  • 05

    We also fight state surveillance of protesters on the streets and online, and challenge new laws that are used to suppress legitimate protest.

  • 06

    Our media and advocacy teams call on the global community to defend protestors and to actively support their demands. We’re about to welcome a new member to our media team who will highlight the inspiring Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice

  • 07

    In the United States, we are partnering with community organizers, cause lawyers and artists in the movement for racial justice to exchange legal strategies, engage in joint advocacy, and together #protecttheprotest and reimagine our world